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Media coverage

Here you can find all the appearances of MPlayer in the media we know of and are not one liner news entries.

date language where title
2010/03 English Conquer Video on Linux with MPlayer
2008/05 English Sourcetrunk MPlayer podcast review
2007/10 English Linux Journal Multimedia Dynamite
2007/01 English 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'07) Patch Review Processes in Open Source Software Development Communities: A Comparative Case Study
2006/07/11 English developerWorks Create mosaic movies with Perl, ImageMagick, and MPlayer
2006/05/03 English The Reviewer MPlayer interview
2005/07/28 English Linux Journal Internet Radio to Podcast with Shell Tools
2005/06/20 English O'Reilly Network Make Your Own "Phantom Edit" with Mplayer
2005/04/14 English ZDNet UK Open source developers step up anti-patent campaign
2004/10/29 English NewsForge An MPlayer project update
2004/07/02 English NewsForge Installing MPlayer
2004/05/12 English On2 Technologies MPlayer Supports On2 VP5 and VP6 Codecs From On2 Technologies
2004/03/10 Hungarian Tilos Radio Radio interview with Pontscho (part1, part2, part3)
2004/02/14 Hungarian HUP Interview with Alex
2004/03/10 Danish/English Danish Radio Radio interview with Gabucino: KiSS VS MPlayer (stream)
2004/01/12 English Slashdot Kiss Technology Counters MPlayer GPL Arguments
2004/01/03 English Slashdot MPlayer Alleges KISS Technology Violating GPL
2003/10/14 English Slashdot Better Media Container Formats?
2003/10/03 English NewsForge MPlayer revisited
2003/09/02 English Slashdot MPlayer 1.0pre1 Is Here
2003 issue #16 German c't Tux-Vision (page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
2003/08 German Linux User movie theater (page 1, 2, 3)
2003/06/25 Hungarian HUP Interview with Arpi about G2
2003/04/10 English LinuxDevCenter Video Playback and Encoding with MPlayer and MEncoder
2003/04/08 English Slashdot MPlayer 0.90 released; MPlayer Maintainer Leaves
2003/03/11 English Fine-tuning MPlayer
2003/01/29 English Slashdot MPlayer Licence Trouble With A Twist
2003/01/03 Hungarian Linuxforum Interview with MPlayer member Alex
2002/07 Hungarian Linuxvilag Interview with Arpi, Gabucino and Pontscho (page 1, 2, 3, 4)
2002/05 Hungarian Linuxvilag Article about MEncoder (page 1, 2)
2002/05 Hungarian CHIP Magazin A news entry about MPlayer
2002/03/26 Hungarian HUP Interview with Gabucino
2002/03/04 Hungarian HUP Interview with Pontscho
2002/03 Hungarian Linuxvilag Article about MPlayer (page 1, 2, 3, 4)
2001/12/26 English Slashdot Quicktime Under Linux With MPlayer
2001/11/23 English Slashdot MPlayer Charges License Violation
2001/11/17 English LinuxWorld MPlayer: The project from hell
2001/11/16 Hungarian HUP Interview with Arpi
2001 English Linux Magazine Article about xine, with MPlayer as a side-note