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Related Projects

This page lists projects that are related to MPlayer, use MPlayer for interesting things, extend MPlayer or use MPlayer code. None of them are officially part of MPlayer, so contact the respective authors and not us with praise, criticism and problem reports.

This list is not complete, but continuously updated. Known broken links are crossed out. If you have updated links or if you spot some other mistake, please drop us a line.

Should you have created a project that should be listed here or simply have stumbled across one, let us know ideally with a short description and a link so we can add it here.

If you are the author of a program based on MPlayer or an MPlayer package and have made some changes to MPlayer, please send us a patch so everybody can benefit from the improvements you made. How you can best accomplish this is explained in our patch guidelines.

Unofficial Packages

MPlayer Frontends

  • SMPlayer
    QT MPlayer frontend for Windows and Linux
  • KMPlayer
    KDE MPlayer frontend
  • KPlayer
    KDE MPlayer frontend
  • KumaPlayer
    KDE MPlayer frontend
  • namp
    GTK2 frontend
  • Pymp
    GTK2 based frontend for MPlayer written in Python.
  • Pygme
    Python/PyGTK MPlayer frontend written with audio and video songs in mind complete with media library and playlist support.
  • GtkPlayer
    GTK widget embedding MPlayer to play movies.
  • MPlayerTCL
    MPlayerTcl allows to play a movie file in Linux TCL/TK application.
  • eMotion
    Qt MPlayer frontend
  • QUI for MPlayer
    Simple Qt-based MPlayer frontend that emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use, particularly in the playlist.
  • MPlayer & XMP GUI Project
    Qt frontend for MPlayer and XMP
  • Qxmp
    Qt4 media player based on MPlayer
  • MPlauncher
    multiplatform Qt4 MPlayer frontend
  • QEMPlayer
    QT4 GUI frontend to MPlayer
  • Kino2
    Qtopia frontend for ARM machines like the Zaurus
  • mplayerTV
    TV-watching MPlayer frontend
  • mplay
    console based MPlayer frontend
  • X-ChaMan
    Simple GUI that allows launching MPlayer with the correct command line options to emulate DVD chapters.
  • Beeh! Player
    BeOS MPlayer GUI
  • Home Theater Personal Computer Menu
    htpc-menu is a frontend to MPlayer for use on Linux or Mac OS X.
  • IDRA
    frontend for terminal applications, supports MPlayer
  • jmPlayer
    Java MP3 player and advanced MP3 ID3-tag batch editor
  • gHDTV
    GTK + Python + MPlayer DVB TV watching software
  • WebMplayer
    web-based frontend for music-files only
  • FrogEye
    A filemanager for Windows and Linux with built-in support for videos, images, file encryption and much more.
  • ASDF
    ASDF is A Simple DVD Frontend intended to make watching DVDs with MPlayer easier.
  • GNOME-MPlayer
    GNOME-MPlayer is a simple GUI based on the mplayerplug-in project
  • libplayer
    libplayer is a C library that allows frontends to easily control MPlayer's slave mode.
  • mpxtended
    A GTK + Python MPlayer frontend specializing in playlist and media library features.
  • XULPlayer
    Mozilla/Firefox XUL MPlayer frontend
  • PyMPlayer
    Python wrapper and client/server for MPlayer
    Python wrapper script for listening to radio using MPlayer.
  • aTunes
    Java GPL audio player and manager using MPlayer.
  • MplayerBuddy
    MplayerBuddy is a media bookmarking frontend written in Mono.
  • PyAcceleREMOTER
    An accelerometer-based remote controller for MPlayer.
  • Tickle Tunes
    A ticklish frontend to MPlayer written in Tcl/Tk.
  • AniMPlayer
    Mono MPlayer frontend for Windows and Linux, specializing in mass anime series playback.
  • Xt7-Player
    A frontend to MPlayer which aims to expose all MPlayer options to users without trying to sacrifice usability.
  • JJMplayer
    Just another Java MPlayer frontend
  • Klactoveedsedstene
    Klactoveedsedstene is a graphical audio front-end
  • Java MPlayer
    A Java GUI of MPlayer for Linux
  • Bright-Player
    MPlayer frontend for Openmoko Freerunner smartphones.
  • lxbdplayer
    BluRay player using dumpHD, makemkv and MPlayer
  • mymplayer
    PyGTK MPlayer frontend
  • MPlayerCtrl
    wxPython MPlayer wrapper
  • NoName MPlayer Front-End
    GTK+ MPlayer Frontend
  • Media Play Restarter
    A command line frontend to resume playback where you left off while playing files.
  • Starbuck's FreePlayer
    A simple and complete multi-platform MPlayer frontend.

MEncoder Frontends

  • KMencoder
    KDE MEncoder frontend
  • Konverter
    KDE MEncoder frontend
  • Kmenc15
    KDE MEncoder frontend, most useful for editing and encoding large high quality AVIs capped from TV. Allows cutting and merging at exact frames, applying filters and preview.
  • tvapp
    Videorecorder-like KDE MEncoder frontend that allows timed or calendar-controlled recordings.
  • kavenc
    KDE application which allows easy video/audio file conversion and audio track extraction from video files.
  • GMencoder
    GNOME MEncoder frontend
  • GRADEn
    GNOME2 MEncoder DVD-ripping GUI
  • AcidRip
    DVD ripping frontend for MEncoder
  • iriverter
    cross-platform MEncoder frontend
  • MenGUI
    Amiga MEncoder frontend
  • OGMRip
    OGMRip is a library providing a common API for ripping and encoding DVD into DivX/OGM files using a wide variety of codecs.
  • QuickRip
    QuickRip is a quick and easy DVD ripper based on MPlayer/MEncoder and transcode featuring GUI and CLI interfaces.
  • Movieconvert
    sophisticated and easy to use graphical MEncoder frontend
  • Tuxrip
    console based MEncoder/MPlayer/transcode DVD ripping frontend
  • DPEncoder
    perlQt MEncoder frontend to easily encode DVDs into DivX files.
  • DVD2DiVX3Pass
    GTK-Perl frontend to MEncoder for DVD to DivX ripping with support for 3-pass encoding.
  • File2DiVX3Pass
    Simple GTK-Perl frontend to MEncoder that can encode any media file supported by MEncoder to DivX, in 1-, 2- or 3-pass mode.
  • mencgen
    Genetic algorithm to explore MEncoder options and find the combinations that achieve the best PSNR results.
  • encode2mpeg
    encode2mpeg is a frontend to MPlayer/MEncoder and mjpegtools able to convert any kind of video that MPlayer can play into a format suitable for VCD/SVCD/DVD or DivX AVI.
  • DVDRipper
    DVDRipper is a DVD to DivX, VCD, KVCD, or SVCD MEncoder GUI.
    DVDKUP is a GTK interface for MEncoder for DVD to MPEG-4 backup.
  • dvd-a-divx
    Qt MPlayer/MEncoder frontend to convert DVD titles to DivX files.
  • gbDVDenc
    Gambas MEncoder GUI for ripping DVDs to MPEG-4 AVI files
  • konqconv
    KDE service menu which allows conversion of video files into DVD or VCD compliant MPEG files.
  • SMSG
    Simple Mencoder Shell GUI, batch video transcoding application without all tabs, buttons and other fuzz
  • Blackberry Video Converter
    No-cost utility to encode video to play on a RIM Blackberry.
  • JMencode
    JMencode is a simple Java frontend for MEncoder.
  • Internet Flash Video Utility
    Internet Video Utility is a graphical frontend to convert all kinds of videos to the Flash .flv format.
  • h264enc
    An easy to use shell script to encode DVDs or videos to the H.264 video format using MEncoder.
  • xvidenc
    An easy to use shell script to encode DVDs or videos to the Xvid video format using MEncoder.
  • RipDVD
    RipDVD is a console based DVD to MPEG-4 conversion tool.
  • K9Copy
    K9Copy is a small utility to shrink DVDs on Linux using MEncoder.
  • undvd
    undvd is DVD ripping made *simple* with an easy interface to MEncoder.
  • mtvcgui
    mtvcgui is a simple MEncoder GUI for TV capture written in Python and Qt4.
    ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard, but a command-line interface that simplifies the use of some applications to create AVI, Matroska, MP4 or OGM files from DVDs.
  • Lincoder
    LinCoder is a simple Java frontend for MEncoder.
  • MyRTv
    Java MEncoder frontend for recording and scheduling from an analog tv card.
  • YAMF
    Java MEncoder frontend which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • SGI's Video Converter
    Windows MEncoder and FFmpeg gui
  • MenJob
    Linux MEncoder frontend written in FLTK

Browser Plugins

  • Plugger
    Mozilla plugin
  • wftv
    Mozilla plugin
  • mplayerplug-in
    Mozilla/Konqueror plugin with mini GUI
  • mozplayerxp
    scriptable Mozilla plugin
  • GenRes
    Scriptable plug-in for Mozilla/Firefox that displays EMBED or OBJECT tags with external programs.
  • MediaPlayerConnectivity
    Launches embedded videos in an external application.
  • gecko-mediaplayer
    Gecko Media Player is a browser plugin that uses GNOME MPlayer to play media in a browser.

Mac OS X

  • MPlayer OS X Extended
    binary distribution of MPlayer with GUI
  • MPlayer OS X / MEncoder OS X
    binary distribution of MPlayer and MEncoder with GUI (OUTDATED)
  • djoPlayer
    simple and easy to use MPlayer GUI
  • MPlayer Controller
    MPlayer remote control over a Bluetooth phone
  • D-Vision
    MEncoder GUI for DivX 3/4, Xvid and H.264 encoding
  • DVDibbler
    GUI for the Mac OS X port of MEncoder
  • mConverter
    Mac OS X GUI for converting video files
  • ffmpegX
    shareware FFmpeg and MEncoder frontend
  • ffmpegX Companion
    ffmpegX Companion helps you convert the MEncoder autocrop settings to entries which ffmpeg can understand.
  • DVD Juggler
    DVD/movie collection manager
  • VideoSpec
    VideoSpec is an AppleScript making use of MPlayer, FFmpeg and MediaInfo CLI to display information about video files.
  • MPlayerX (might contain malware in installer)
    Easy to use, minimalist frontend for MPlayer.


  • MPlayer on win32
    binaries and supporting libraries by Gianluigi Tiesi
  • MPlayer for Windows
    Up-to-date MPlayer builds with smplayer and MPUI GUIs in one package
  • Windows binaries (Russian) / (English)
    fresh MinGW builds including ENCA and fontconfig
  • Installer packages
    packages with installer and file associations by Joey Parrish
  • Binary installer
    installer package, documentation and codecs by Claudio Santambrogio
  • MPlayer-Win32
    binaries and codec installer packages by Johan Palmqvist
  • MPlayer Windows binaries
    MPlayer binaries by Ferenc Stelcz
  • MPUI
    multi-language WMP-like GUI frontend by Martin Fiedler (OUTDATED)
  • MPUI-hcb
    updated MPUI fork with lots of new features
  • MPlaunch
    simple GUI frontend by Ferenc Stelcz
  • MPlayer Control
    GUI frontend complete with installer by Tamas Zelena
  • MPlayer + Frontend
    installer with GUI by Gabor Szecsi
  • zeitnot MPlayer GUI
    GUI frontend with installer by zeitnot
  • NMC player
    Newszi's Media Center (NMC) is a powerful MPlayer frontend with full Vista Aero Glass compatibility.
  • mplgui
    simple GUI with playlist by SDragon
  • GUI launcher for MPlayer
    simple GUI launcher by Lucian
  • MPlayer Windows GUI
    GUI launcher by Ezekiel Victor
  • kliper
    multilanguage MPlayer GUI
  • MPlayerGUI
    MPlayer GUI by Jason Yang
  • SimpleMplayer
    HTML, JavaScript and ActiveX MPlayer GUI by Mathias Dahl
  • rulesPlayer
    graphical interface written in D/DWT
  • WinMPlauncher
    simple GUI frontend by Yua CaVan
  • MPlayerWin15
    simple MPlayer frontend by Oded Shimon
  • Goo Media Center, DVD movie player
    Goo Media Center is a combined VB6 MPlayer and MEncoder frontend, DVD movie player embeds the movie player alongside the movie on a CD or DVD, by Richard Didd.
  • mlaunch
    TV and remote control MPlayer frontend by Anton Ragnarsson
  • Xarion MPlayer
    MPlayer frontend
  • MPlayer interface
    simple GUI MPlayer starter by Tom Nealon
  • TD mplayer GUI
    MPlayer starter by TDolphin
  • MPlayerWIN
    MPlayer launcher application by Jan Gregor
  • bbc2mp3
    Simple command line or GUI tool for saving BBC "Listen Again" streams as MP3 files. It works by using MPlayer to save an audio stream as a WAV file and converting this to MP3 with LAME.
  • DVDmenc
    MEncoder frontend by nexx
  • MeWiG
    MEncoder frontend by Hans-Carl Oberdalhoff
  • megui
    MEncoder frontend with snow and x264 support by doom9
  • MEncoder Shell
    MEncoder frontend for batch mode encoding by LM
  • SimpleDivX
    MPEG to AVI encoder by CyberDemonII
  • MEncoder264
    a GUI for Windows for H.264 encoding via MEncoder
    Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, a GUI to FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, mppenc, ffmpeg2theora & the Theora/Vorbis RealProducer plugIn.
  • Gulmencoder and Mplayerrun
    simple MEncoder and MPlayer frontends by Bojan Djuric
  • elcMovieTools
    MEncoder based scripts/programs for ripping and encoding
  • SimpleRip
    JavaScript generator for encoding DVD to Xvid using MEncoder
  • in_mplayer
    Winamp 2.9x/5.x video input plugin that makes Winamp use the MPlayer decoding engine when playing video files.
  • MPlayer pour Windows
    French MPlayer installer by SeVaRg, reportedly installs not only MPlayer but also ads on the desktop
  • MPL (MPlayer Launcher)
    MPlayer launcher (in Delphi) by Gabor Ruzsinszki
  • Dziobas Rar Player Portable
    Frontend that makes playing movies in rar archives easier.
  • MPlayerHide
    Frontend that hides MPlayer console window.
  • Movie Library ++
    Java media library with conversion to iPod/PSP/QuickTime and other preset formats
  • Qanat
    MPlayer frontend to record streams by pasting URLs.
  • m-play
    MPlayer frontend for Windows
  • AzFLVEnc
    AzFLVEnc is a frontend for MEncoder to create flv files. (Japanese only)
  • WinMEnc
    WinMEnc is an MEncoder frontend for creating IPod, PSP and other formats.
  • Ampui
    another MPlayer frontend based on MPUI
  • Mpui-Ve
    MPUI frontend with improvements
  • StreamRecorder.NET
    .NET frontend for recording streams that uses MPlayer
  • rphMPFE
    MPlayer GUI with thumbnail seeking
  • powermplayer
    An MPlayer GUI for windows with reuseable mplayer .NET component Written in C#.


  • Elphel, Inc
    "Imaging solutions with Free software and open hardware", Elphel makes network cameras that can output MJPEG or Theora streams. The hardware design is completely open and the software they produce (including a customized Knoppix and MPlayer) are available from their SourceForge project page.
  • AlienBBC
    Plugin for slimserver, the software platform used by the Slim Devices line of networked music players.
  • Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console
    Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee GTK2 and Tcl/Tk GUI for PCTV Deluxe/Bungee tools and MPlayer/xine.
  • dvbzap/dvbtv
    MPlayer and dvbstream frontend that allows using a PC with a DVB-S TV-card like an infrared controllable satellite receiver.
  • pvr350player
    Hauppauge PVR350 TV capture card frontend
  • PVRec
    PVRec takes an MPEG-2 stream from the Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB and allows simultaneous viewing (MPlayer) and recording.
  • LinButler
    LinButler is a control-center and a media-studio for the PalmButler box. It uses MPlayer to show videos and can play MP3 and Ogg.
  • Pepper Pad 3
    Handheld device for web and multimedia
  • OpenGate
    small PC focused on ease of use
  • Sipie
    MPlayer frontend for playing Sirius Internet streams.
  • TomPlayer
    TomPlayer is a multimedia player for Tomtom GPS.
  • StarPlayr2
    MPlayer frontend for playing Sirius Internet streams on Mac OS X

Home Entertainment Systems

  • Freevo
    Home theatre PC platform based on Linux and a number of audio/video tools. MPlayer is used to play audio and video files.
  • My Media System
    Menu system frontend to play movies, music and watch TV easily. Supports DXR3, framebuffer and other output modules.
  • LinVDR
    The Digital Linux Video Recorder
  • VDR Extensions - MPlayer
    Plugin that allows calling MPlayer from within VDR, to play all video formats supported by MPlayer over a DVB card.
  • Openmovie
    Multimedia home entertainment center with MPlayer as player
  • DMC (RJB's Digital Media Center)
    Music player that can (among other things) be connected to a TV, be controlled by a remote and play video files with the help of MPlayer.
  • GiantDisc
    Jukebox for MP3, Ogg and FLAC formats that can be configured to use MPlayer as default player.
  • ARCHIMEDIS media terminals
    personal video recorder/player using MPlayer
  • LamaBox
    internet-connectable standalone mediaplayer that employs MPlayer
  • PowerCinema for Linux
    commercial home entertainment system from CyberLink based on MPlayer, FFmpeg, Linux among others
  • AIDO
    vaporware home entertainment media system using MPlayer
  • MeBox
    vaporware Linux home theater software using MPlayer as platform, includes the bmovl2 video filter and some other useful patches
    Gnu Lightweight Opuscule TeleVision is a free "lightweight" PVR alternative to MythTV and Freevo.
  • Plastico HT
    Plastico is a frontend for HTPC and CarPC (Windows only).
  • nitoTV
    AppleTV plugin using MPlayer
  • TV Mosaic
    A simple application that gives a mosaic view of DVB channels.
  • Smitten Media Centre
    Smitten is a media center for playing movies, music and slideshows.

CD Based Distributions

  • eMoviX, MoviX, MoviX2
    Slackware Linux based bootable CD distributions for playing movies
  • Womp
    Linux based bootable CD distribution for playing movies
  • GeeXboX
    very small bootable CD to play movies and music
  • DirectPresenter
    bootdisk for fullscreen presentations featuring MPlayer
  • Cool Linux CD
    Red Hat based bootable live CD containing MPlayer
  • LitriX
    Brazilian Slax/Slackware based bootable live CD containing MPlayer
  • DeadCD
    Debian-based minimalistic Linux live CD with MPlayer
  • Limp
    Linux Multimedia Player, tiny multimedia distribution with MPlayer on it
  • Linux Console
    LinuxConsole is a modular live CD distro containing MPlayer
  • Slax
    Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux live CD with MPlayer.
  • SliTaz
    SliTaz is a micro French/English live CD containing MPlayer.
  • xPUD
    small and fast Linux live USB distribution containing MPlayer
  • Sabayon Pod
    Sabayon Linux live CD distro containing MPlayer

Video Encoding Tools

  • On2 Flix Engine SDK for Flash 8
    Commercial Flash 8 SDK that uses MEncoder. Source is available.
  • CloneDVD mobile
    commercial DVD conversion tool based on MEncoder
  • MediaCoder
    Free universal audio/video batch transcoder, putting together open source tools, among them MEncoder.
  • KSubtile
    SRT subtitle editor for KDE
  • Jubler
    Tool to edit text-based subtitles that uses MPlayer to display the subtitles.
    Tools to create KVCDs, partially built on top of MPlayer.
  • lxdvdrip
    Command line tool to automate the process of ripping, authoring, previewing and burning a DVD. Employs MPlayer for previewing movies.
  • DivXWMAConverter
    Mac OS X tool for reencoding WMA audio tracks to MP3.
  • kmediagrab
    Media grabber and encoder built on top of MPlayer/MEncoder. It can grab and encode DVDs, record a movie or your favourite TV program from your TV-card, or translate a video file from one format to another.
  • LiVES - the Linux Video Editing System
    Easy to use yet powerful video effects, editing, conversion, and playback system aimed at digital video artists. Uses MPlayer to load and edit video formats.
  • Vcd PyCoder
    MPlayer and transcode frontend for DivX to VCD conversion
  • StreamTuned
    Stream player and recorder that uses MPlayer as a backend.
  • ogmencoder
    Perl script that uses MPlayer/MEncoder and transcode to create an Ogg-OGM (Vorbis audio) backup of a DVD.
  • menc (MEncoder-Tool)
    MPlayer/MEncoder/transcode/ac3fix frontend
  • VESC - Video Encoding Script Creator
    GUI for easily creating video encoding scripts that use other free programs such as MEncoder and mjpegtools to encode the video streams.
  • shalVideo
    Scheduled TV recording program, employs MEncoder for recording.
  • tivosync
    Downloads shows from a TiVo and converts them to MPEG-4 AVI files with MEncoder.
    Perl script which passes options to MEncoder to encode files in a format that can be transferred to a TiVo.
  • tovid
    tovid is a suite of utilities designed to make VCD, SVCD, and DVD authoring a little less painful by creating MPEG output from arbitrary video formats, generating graphical menus for DVDs, etc.
  • to_mpeg2,
    some simple encoding tools using MPlayer/MEncoder
  • KMSnip
    KDE MPlayer and MEncoder frontend designed for concert videos. Allows splitting large video files into smaller ones and optionally save an audio only MP3 file for each split.
  • videotrans
    set of scripts to convert a video to a DVD compatible VOB file
  • 'Q' DVD-Author
    GUI frontend to MPlayer, MEncoder, xine, mjpegtools, dvdauthor and other tools to create DVD menus and subtitles.
  • Winki The Ripper
    Easy to use GNOME frontend for MEncoder, MPlayer, mkvtoolnix, oggenc and lsdvd.
  • TTCut
    Simple MPEG2-cutting application for removing commercials from DVB recordings. Uses MPlayer for preview.
    some DVD and TV encoding scripts using MPlayer/MEncoder
  • alltoavi
    Tool based on MEncoder to convert OGM and Matroska files to AVI.
  • DeVeDe
    A program to create video DVDs suitable for home players using MPlayer/MEncoder, DVDAuthor and mkisofs, written in Python.
  • DVDripTools
    Collection of bash scripts that operate DVD ripping tools.
  • iso2mkv
    versatile convertor from DVD to Xvid/Vorbis in Matroska
  • Pocket Divx Encoder
    PocketDivXEncoder allows you to encode video for handheld devices.
  • Kalva
    Kalva is a KDE video recorder that is simple to use and easy to setup.


  • mplayerMex
    Simple MATLAB interface with MPlayer to read frames from a video file on Linux.
  • xmms-embedded
    Zaurus XMMS plugin
  • Xmms-MPlayer
    Xmms-MPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that allows you to play video files in XMMS, making XMMS a playlist frontend for MPlayer.
  • XMMPlayer
    XMMPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that allows you to play video files from within XMMS using MPlayer as a backend.
  • mplayerd
    Simple C daemon designed to control movie playback via TCP/IP.
  • CAVE-MPlayer
    Patch to synchronize MPlayer instances running on computers connected to a dedicated LAN.
  • RVE: Realtime Video Effects
    Renders real time effects on a video played by MPlayer.
  • MPlayer setup
    installer for MPlayer, codecs, fonts and Matroska support
  • MPeasy
    Easy to use Spanish MPlayer installer that installs everything you need for a fully functional MPlayer.
  • mpack
    Noninteractive package creator that downloads and builds MPlayer and related tools from CVS.
  • GImageView
    GImageView is a GTK+ based image viewer which can preview and/or thumbnail movies using MPlayer.
  • MGA View
    Console image viewer that uses mga_vid or framebuffer output driver.
  • tvisorBuilder
    Tool to help create highly configurable MPlayer skins.
  • webAlbum
    Tool for automatically generating web-based photo and video albums for publishing online or archiving on disk or CD.
  • DVD Catalyst / PocketDVD
    PocketDVD converts DVDs or movie files to a format for playback on mobile devices with the help of MPlayer/MEncoder.
  • rphpMMS
    web-based frontend for XMMS or MPlayer
  • shstream
    shell script for saving streaming audio as MP3 or Ogg
  • Stream Downloader
    Web interface to MPlayer, allows to record streams from the net. Recordings can be scheduled, stopped and downloaded.
  • MPlayer Tools
    mplayer-tools is a collection of utilities that eases the use of MPlayer. You can e.g. record and timeshift easily with a TV Tuner, remember movies and positions to resume with a short command, etc.
  • mplayer.ext
    mplayer.ext is a wrapper script for saving the playback position of audio and video files to resume playback later.
  • dmx4MPlayer
    dmx4MPlayer is a solution for presenting movies and images with fading and total invisible player-software.
  • mplayer-resume
    Little shell script that saves the playback position of your movie after you quit and resumes where you left off when you play the file again.
  • MPlayer Human Interface Device
    This file enables remote controlling of MPlayer over Bluetooth for Sony Ericsson phones (maybe others, too).
  • xmplayer
    XMMS replacement in bash employing MPlayer as backend.
  • Manslide
    Manslide is a tool for generating slideshows using MPlayer.
  • Booh
    Booh is a static HTML photo album generator using MPlayer.
  • Video Contact Sheet
    A bash script to create video contact sheets (previews) of videos.
  • FxMovieManager
    A frontend to MPlayer that manages movie files and video clips.
  • qmpwidget
    A Qt widget for embedding MPlayer in applications

Projects Reusing MPlayer Code

  • MPlayerXP
    threaded MPlayer derivative by Nick Kurshev
  • MPlayer-WW
    Windows oriented fork of MPlayer by William Wang
  • mplayer2
    An MPlayer-only fork (no MEncoder) with improvements for ordered chapters.
  • XBMC
    XBMC (formerly named "XBox Media Center") is a free and open source media-player and entertainment hub using MPlayer and FFmpeg.
  • yamp
    YAMP stands for Yet Another Multimedia player. It's a multimedia player for the Xbox based on MPlayer and FFmpeg
  • TiVo MPlayer
    Allows streaming recorded programs off a TiVo or playing local TiVo streams on a PC without intermediate storage or remuxing.
  • video and audio measurements for pre-encoded content
    Research paper by Frank Fitzek and others where MPlayer was modified to create video traces for network performance evaluation.
  • ffdshow
    DirectShow/VFW codec for decoding/encoding video and audio formats, based on FFmpeg and MPlayer (OUTDATED).
  • ffdshow-tryouts
    Maintained fork of ffdshow.
  • NMM
    Network-integrated Multimedia Middleware intends to design and implement a network-integrated multimedia infrastructure for Linux and other operating systems. It has taken fonts and small code snippets from MPlayer.
  • xine
    Linux multimedia player, reuses filters from MPlayer among other things.
  • VLC
    Multi-platform multimedia player, reuses the software scaler code from MPlayer.
  • transcode
    Video processing tool reusing some filter and font code from MPlayer.
  • avidemux
    Video processing tool that reuses some MPlayer filters.
  • MythTV
    MythTV is a homebrew PVR project with some video filters and small parts borrowed from MPlayer.
  • veejay
    Video editing and visual instrument software for interactive video installations with a bit of video filter code from MPlayer.
  • MPlayer-tru
    Truran VOD System protocol implementation for MPlayer
  • CLE266 MPEG-2 decoder plugin
    MPlayer plugin for hardware accelerated MPEG playback with the VIA CLE266 chip on EPIA-M series motherboards
  • VeMP
    VIA enhanced patch for MPlayer (VeMP), uses hardware-specific acceleration in decoding for better MPEG-2/4 performance.
  • LinPhone
    Linphone is a web phone that reuses some MPlayer code, mostly the Wine loader.
  • FlowVR
    High performance cluster/grid virtual reality library that implements a new video output for MPlayer.
  • Vuze
    BitTorrent client and content sharing platform that uses MPlayer for movie playback.
  • Translogo
    Translogo is a filter for MPlayer/MEncoder that removes watermarks.
  • VobSub2SRT
    Linux program to convert vobsub to .srt, based on code from MPlayer.
  • DVDx
    Windows, Linux and Mac OS X frontend for MPlayer/MEncoder/FFmpeg.
  • USB flash MPlayer
    Live usb drive application similar to appletv.